Achieve Your Goals & Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Everyone has this vision of how their life will turn out, but somewhere along the road, you got derailed. Now it feels like life is just passing you by and you're on the sidelines watching. I've been there before, I had no clue what step to take next or how to go about it. I kept trying and I failed time and time again. Until one day I sat down and created a solid plan, which I tweaked until I came up with this repeatable process to achieve my goals. I noticed that there are so many people with the potential to do something great, they just need a little help. That is what helped me discover my passion for mindset and goal achievement. I believe that we should all live a life that we design and not the one that we are given by default. This course is packed with practical steps that will help you achieve your goals and design the life that you envision. Sign up today and begin living the life that you and I both know that you deserve. Everybody has greatness within. Even You!

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Stop Being The Passenger and Become The Driver In Your Life

Create The Life That You Envision

  • 1

    Welcome to "From Living By Default To Design"

    • Welcome

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Mindset Shift: Let's Get Ya Mind Right

    • The Importance Of A Growth Mindset

    • All About Mindset

    • Developing A Growth Mindset

    • Retaining A Growth Mindset

    • Mindset Presentation

    • Test Your Learning: Get Your Mind Right

  • 3

    Finding That Motivation: Your Why

    • The Importance Of Having A Why

    • Determining Your Why

  • 4

    Designing Your Success Manual aka Blueprint

    • Brainstorming Your Blueprint

    • Designing Your Blueprint

    • Test Your Learning: Blueprint

    • Creating Your Blueprint

  • 5

    Don't Be Interested, Commit

    • How Does Commitment Look

    • Fully Committ

    • Test Your Learning: Fully commit

    • What's Holding You Back

  • 6

    Practical Goal Setting

    • The Importance Of Setting Goals

    • Goal Setting Process

    • Test Your Learning: Goal Setting & Achieving

    • Your Goals

  • 7

    Take Meaningful Actions

    • How Does Taking Action Look In Real Life

    • Overcoming Procrastination

    • Overcome Procrastination & Become An Action Taker

    • Taking Action

    • Test Your Learning: Take Action

  • 8

    Persistence Over Perfection

    • Persistence Over Perfection

    • Becoming Persistent

    • Remaining Persistence

    • Test Your Learning: Persistence Over Perfection

  • 9

    Practicing Patience

    • Practicing Patience

    • Practicing Patience presentation

    • Practicing Patience

    • Test Your Learning: Practicing Patience

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...