From Living By Default To Design

Achieve Your Goals & Live A More Purposeful Life

This course will teach you a repeatable process to help you achieve your goals and live a more purposeful life.

Stop Being The Passenger and Become The Driver In Your Life

Create The Life That You've Always Envision

  • 1

    Welcome to "From Living By Default To Design"

  • 2

    Mindset Shift: Let's Get Ya Mind Right

    • Let's Get Your Mind Right

    • Mindset Presentation

    • Test Your Learning: Get Your Mind Right

    • What Is Your Current Mindset?

  • 3

    Finding That Motivation: Your Why

    • The Importance Of Having A Why

    • Determining Your Why

    • What Is Your Why

  • 4

    Designing Your Success Manual aka Blueprint

    • Designing Your Success Manual

    • Designing Your Blueprint

    • Test Your Learning: Blueprint

    • Creating Your Blueprint

  • 5

    Don't Be Interested, Commit

    • How Does Commitment Look

    • Fully Committ

    • Test Your Learning: Fully commit

    • What's Holding You Back

  • 6

    Practical Goal Setting

    • The Importance Of Setting Goals

    • Goal Setting Process

    • Test Your Learning: Goal Setting & Achieving

    • Your Goals

  • 7

    Take Meaningful Actions

    • How Taking Action Look In Real Life

    • Overcome Procrastination & Become An Action Taker

    • Test Your Learning: Take Action

    • Self Evaluation: Ask Yourself

  • 8

    Persistence Over Perfection

    • Persistence Over Perfection

    • Becoming Persistent

    • Test Your Learning: Persistence Over Perfection

  • 9

    Practicing Patience

    • Practicing Patience

    • Practicing Patience presentation

    • Test Your Learning: Practicing Patience

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congratulations! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

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Who Is Dorian Jones

Dorian Jones

Dorian is someone who truly cares about helping others grow into their best selves. He was raised in a rough environment but was able to overcome some of the toughest challenges that most people fell victim to. As Dorian grew, he began to educate himself and explore life outside of his bubble. While doing this, Dorian grew exponentially. This growth would eventually lead him to discover his love for mindset and goal achievement. Dorian would try and fail at many businesses in his early to mid-'20s. After taking a moment to observe his past experiences, he developed a process that helped him achieve his goals over and over again. He was excited to share this process so that others could have the same sense of purpose as he felt. In his efforts to help others become the best version of themselves and achieve their goals Dorian developed Diligent Minds. His goal with this company is to make Personal Development easy so that the average human working a 9-5 that wants to begin living a more purposeful life has the knowledge to do so.